Blogging Mistakes To Avoid For A Standout Blog

Blogging used to be unheard of in the past mainly because there was no medium that allowed bloggers to openly express themselves and reach a wider audience with ease. With the continued advancements in technology, we now have devices that allow bloggers to pursue their passion and share it with anyone who is willing to listen to what they have to say. It’s not actually easy to be a blogger. You pour your heart out on a regular (almost daily) basis and at times you also have to do a lot of research (you can’t just sound stupid on your blogs because anything that’s posted on the web lives on forever).

An abbreviation for “weblog”, blogs evolved to become a modern lucrative career for a few lucky ones. Aside from getting sponsored posts, some get to travel the world for free and get paid to do it too. Not all bloggers become successful, though. It is why it helps to find out the dos and don’ts in blogging early on so you have higher chances of making it big in this big wide world we know that is the web.

As your one of your greatest marketing assets, your blog can showcase your deep scope of industry knowledge and give

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Flooding In America Is At An All Time High

The world is quickly heating up. Greenhouse gasses are trapped in the atmosphere, thereby making the world hotter than it was before. Climate change and global warming are often used interchangeably nowadays and for good reason. Both are responsible for many of the worst disasters we have faced as of late and probably of much more in the years to come, agrees Dave Davidson from Northern Attitude. However, global warming actually precedes the other. The accumulation of greenhouse gasses results to the changing of climate patterns. It is the reason why the natural calamities we experience nowadays are far stronger and unpredictable than in the past.

Rising global temperatures consequently cause the sea level to rise because ice caps are melting faster than it did over the past century. It also resulted in an increase in rainfall and flooding in various parts of the globe. Like any other nations experiencing the wrath of Mother Nature, America has experienced its fair share of catastrophes over the years. The country had more floods last year than any given year on record.

2016 really was the year of the flood in the U.S.: In total, 19 separate floods swamped the nation last year, the most in one single year since records began

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Asian Monsoons Are Becoming More Intense

Asia is the biggest continent on the planet and is home to numerous nations that are geographically, culturally, linguistically and physically diverse. This continent also witnesses plenty of catastrophes, both natural and manmade, year in and year out. Monsoons are especially common in the South of Asia where countries are made of island nations. Storms form all year round in the Pacific and they have been a part of the lives of most Asians while droughts can be seasonal challenges too.

Monsoons are actually seasonal wind reversals along with precipitation changes in various parts of the world. However, it commonly refers to seasonal changes in the atmosphere that are closely linked to the warming of the land and of the sea nowadays or even seasonal changing patterns during the rainy season. The Asian monsoon is divided into several subsystems depending on location. If the US has tornadoes, Asia has storms brought about by these monsoons.

South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF) has forecast a normal monsoon for South Asia including India. It indicates neutral ENSO conditions are likely to continue through middle of the monsoon season, while weak El Niño conditions are likely to develop in the second half of this year.

“The outlook suggests that during the 2017 southwest

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Tornado Alley In The US

The US is a big nation. It is not only made up of 50 states and a handful of territories but it is likewise a big chunk of land mass that experiences all four seasons each year. On the average, roughly 1,200 tornadoes hit the US annually especially in the East Rocky Mountains as well as in the Midwest, the Great Plains, the South of the US and the Mississippi Valley. The term “Tornado Alley” is a tornado-prone part of the US that stretches from the north of Texas to Canada, the center of which is in Oklahoma and Kansas. It’s probably the reason for the plot of the infamous Wizard of Oz. In the south of US, they have the Dixie Alley that is also made of states often hit by tornadoes.

Tornadoes often form during spring since the climate transitions from cool to warm and not so during winter. The months of March to June are known as the US tornado season. People living in high-risk states should be more vigilant than ever since tornadoes can form without warning. Modern technology also does its part in helping people survive tornadoes in one piece.

Tornadoes ripped through southern Louisiana on Tuesday, leaving only splintered wood where houses once stood and

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China: Air Pollution At Its Worst

Air is crucial to life. We will die without air. That’s quite obvious. However, we may also gradually die from overexposure to air pollution. Our body needs clean air now more than ever especially that rapid urbanization has left most cities polluted and smog-filled. Air pollution is actually our fault. We were too consumed by our fascination with technology that we forgot to take into consideration its impact to the environment, especially to the very air we breathe.

If there is any other place on the planet that is known for extreme air pollution issues, it would have to be China. The most populous country in the planet, many Chinese are facing each day in a world full-of smog and polluted air. While we may not entirely get rid of air pollutants, they should be at an acceptable level so as not to pose health risks to everyone. It is why it’s not uncommon to see individuals walking the streets wearing face masks because it is virtually impossible to breathe clean air in most major Chinese cities.

The central government declared war on pollution in China four years ago, but progress has been limited.

The environment ministry said last week it found that thousands of polluters had faked emissions data or

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The Phenomenon That Is El Niño

The world is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you get with each passing day. Sounds familiar, right? It is an edited version of a famous line from an equally famous all-time favorite movie. Depending on what part of the world you are in, there are attractions and phenomenon exclusive to that place only. It is the same with weather disturbances. Other nations deal with frequent hurricanes or tornadoes while others have to live with constant movement in the ground a.k.a. earthquake.

It is time to know more about a weather phenomenon that isn’t as talked about as the others but just as savage – El niño. It has its counterpart, La Niña. They both make up the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle, the scientific term for temperature fluctuations between the atmosphere and the ocean in the east-central Equatorial Pacific that happens every few years or so. La Niña is known as the cold phase while El Niño is the warm phase. The latter is characterized by warm Pacific waters usually in the month of December and may likewise affect wind shear, which is the blowing of air currents from a lower altitude in a different direction than that of higher winds in the atmosphere.

A weak

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Eco-Travel For Your Next Summer Getaway

The sun is up and summer is fast approaching. Many of you can’t probably wait to hit the beach after being cooped up inside your homes during the long, cold and bleak winter months. Not seeing the bright and blinding light of the sun can make people feel down and depressed. So, let us all rejoice with the coming of spring because we know summer is just around the corner and you finally have an excuse to use your vacation credits for a much-needed travel time.

If you are not a fan of crowds, eco-traveling is a welcome reprieve from your busy scheds and modern life. Going the less traveled road can open up your eyes to the beauty of nature. It is likewise less expensive than going to more popular tourist attractions. However, just be prepared to enjoy the entire experience, both the good and the bad. You can’t always expect a comfy and convenient life when traveling this way but you get to immerse with the people and the local culture that can leave you with many wonderful memories you’ll cherish for your lifetime.

As the largest global service industry, tourism can—and should—play a significant role in conservation and environmental sustainability. That was the message that U.N. Secretary-General Ban

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National Parks: The Heart Of America

National parks are a big part of America. These natural wonders symbolize the richness and diversity of the American land and tourists flock by the dozens. These ecological landmarks aren’t just popular as tourist attractions but also help generate money that boosts the economy. And the best thing about these national parks is that they scattered all over the country, so you are sure to find your own piece of paradise in the many states of America wherever you may be.

National parks are mainly here because of conservation efforts. In a world that is rapidly modernizing, we should make an effort in protecting these pieces of land that serve as the last natural frontiers here on the planet. They are also often open to guests while others require making arrangements beforehand especially during peak season. You can camp for a night or two and enjoy plenty of outdoor activities to recharge your senses before returning to your daily grind.

With many public lands next door to some of the country’s most visited canyons, waterfalls, and mountain peaks, these lesser-known natural gems are a great way to avoid the crowds while still getting to experience all that nature has to offer. Whether your national park adventure is during National Park Week 

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Gadgets For Your Survival

Mankind has flourished because we evolved to be the most superior species on the planet. Our cognitive superiority enabled us to utilize various resources of the planet to our advantage. Our mantra had always been “the struggle for existence and survival of the fittest.” Whatever unfavorable natural conditions we face in life, humans should do their best to overcome them and emerge victorious for the continuation of the human race.

And even though we are living in a modern world, we still essentially struggle to live and keep our act together. Aside from global competition, there are disasters that threaten our very existence. And as such, you should take the concept of disaster preparedness seriously. When preparing for disasters, you need certain gadgets to help ensure your survival.

Also on Thursday, thousands of Utahns across the state participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut, a yearly drill to prepare residents in case a major earthquake hits.

Showcasing Utah’s desire to be prepared is Preppercon. Along with booths of various objects — guns and ammunition, knives solar energy products, food storage, massive water tanks, tactical gear and self-reliance books — there are experts like Holladay teaching their tricks of the trade.

Scott Stallings, the chief executive officers and co-founder of the

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