Are You Ready For The New Apple iPhone?

Technology is fast changing and is ever innovating. This is especially true in the modern, digital world we are living in now. Almost everywhere you look, technology dominates your surroundings and it even rules your life by feeding your smartphone and social media obsession. A broken phone can be a nightmare, but retrieving your data can be as easy as searching for data recovery services near me. Almost all brands release new models every year and it is a major factor as to how often people replace their units even if their old one is still functional and has no issues at all. Among the leading tech brands in the world today is Apple. It is the smart technology innovator and the maker of the luxury smartphone brand, the iPhone, that is coveted by many.

Apple launches the new iPhone 8 this month and the Apple Event kicked off this week. People are already salivating at its new model and won’t likely hesitate to part with their hard-earned money just to be able to enjoy this new piece of technology. Its makers even dubbed it as the “the new step forward for iPhone”. With better features that boast of wireless charging, made of the most durable glass, augmented-reality ready calibrated …

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Machine Learning: Are Businesses Ready For It?

Business is a major driver of the world economy. It is basically what makes the world go round today. After all, we are living in a capitalist world that feeds on consumer wants and demands. But with how swiftly technology is advancing right now, businesses have a hard time keeping up. Some who don’t manage to adapt to all these changes fade into oblivion and replaced by new startups that know the name of the game today and how it is played.

Technology will always be a part of our lives and more so in businesses that deal with thousands, millions or billions of customers daily. The global market can be your market through the web. In a few years, though, everything is about to change once more as the possibility of using machine learning technology is likely inevitable in the world of business. I’m sure many of you are still clueless about machine learning but some organizations are already using it in their line of work.

Machine learning (ML) based data analytics is rewriting the rules for how enterprises handle data. Research into machine learning and analytics is already yielding success in turning vast amounts of data—shaped with the help of data scientists—into analytical rules that can spot things that

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Finding A New Use For Your Old Phone

We may all think that technology just keeps on improving and we will no longer have room for obsolete gadgets in our lives but it seems that we are quite mistaken. Not only are vintage gadgets making a comeback but you can also repurpose old phones to make them useful again. You wouldn’t want to throw away a perfectly good phone just because it is no longer the latest thing in the market after a year or two of use especially if you are on a postpaid plan where most contracts often expire after 24 months. Its features may not be trendy or sensational but you’d be surprised at the many ways you can repurpose them for an entirely different purpose.

Nokia is actually making a comeback this year and many old souls can’t help but feel nostalgic after seeing the much loved 3310 come back to life with a twist. Stop throwing away old devices since the world is already fast becoming a big e-waste dump. There are various uses for old gadgets and they don’t necessarily have to go to waste like most old phones do. After all, your phone has witnessed many milestones in your life and saying goodbye to it for good isn’t an easy thing to …

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Photography High Up In The Skies

Taking still shots of moments capture a moment in time and preserve it in paper for a long time. Photographs allow us to look back on the past with feelings of nostalgia and longing. But photography has changed a lot over the years. For starters, you don’t need negatives anymore ever since the rise of digital photography. Better yet, smartphones allowed us to take photos anytime we want and we can even edit it now using Photoshop or various filters from apps. It’s the reason why the word “selfie” was coined because people became more in touch with their narcissistic nature because of smart technology.

The camera features of smartphones have significantly improved over the years. DSLR and GoPro cameras improved professional photography. Now, drone photography has taken the world of photography to the next level. Aerial photography gave everyone a new perspective on taking photos from the sky. Photographers can now capture a different view we never had access to in the past. Landscape shots become more alive and its natural beauty highlighted as we can see more of the place that regular photography can’t offer.

More news outlets are recognizing that drones are a relatively inexpensive way to capture aerial photography and videography, especially compared to previous methods

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Blogging Mistakes To Avoid For A Standout Blog

Blogging used to be unheard of in the past mainly because there was no medium that allowed bloggers to openly express themselves and reach a wider audience with ease. With the continued advancements in technology, we now have devices that allow bloggers to pursue their passion and share it with anyone who is willing to listen to what they have to say. It’s not actually easy to be a blogger. You pour your heart out on a regular (almost daily) basis and at times you also have to do a lot of research (you can’t just sound stupid on your blogs because anything that’s posted on the web lives on forever).

An abbreviation for “weblog”, blogs evolved to become a modern lucrative career for a few lucky ones. Aside from getting sponsored posts, some get to travel the world for free and get paid to do it too. Not all bloggers become successful, though. It is why it helps to find out the dos and don’ts in blogging early on so you have higher chances of making it big in this big wide world we know that is the web.

As your one of your greatest marketing assets, your blog can showcase your deep scope of industry knowledge and give

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The Latest Survival Gadget For You

When you look at the current market today, you can see all sorts of stuff being sold. At times, it will make you wonder whether such items really have a useful thing in people’s life or are they just a big waste of money in our modern capitalist world. From common household necessities, food and utilities, and so much more, one of the things you should have in your growing arsenal is a survival gadget that can help you basically survive when worst comes to worst. Although such cases are rare, we can’t help but be influenced by all the zombie-apocalypse movies we are seeing both on the small and big screens.

It is time to find out what are the latest survival gadgets you can find and which of them are worth your money and time. From the basic Swiss army knife to other cool outdoor gadgets you can bring on your next adventure, check out what is the best thing to bring with you to ensure you stay safe all the time aside from having a tool you can use for virtually any job without breaking the bank.

If there’s one thing Boy Scouts are known for, it’s being prepared. But what about when they grow into men?

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