Is It Possible To Have Driverless Trucks?

Transportation is crucial to get us from one place to another. By nature, humans are social animals. We thrive in the company of other people and we enjoy exploring outside of our comfort zone. The world is a big space that we can never fully explore unless we take travel seriously. Unfortunately, traveling requires money – lots of it. So unless you have it, there go your travel goals down the drain.

Meanwhile, the purpose of transportation is not only to transport people from point A to point B. Transportation is also crucial in transferring goods from various places in and out of the country. Big trucks are usually loaded with various types of goods and produce to deliver supplies and make sure that stores and supermarkets are well-stocked to meet consumer demands. However, a lot of road mishaps are also because of either drunk or sleepy truck drivers who often drive through the night to make their delivery on time before most stores open.

Ensuring an orderly transition toward a future of automated, driverless trucks is an impending task for global policymakers, according to a new report released on Wednesday (31/05). 

“Governments must consider ways to manage the transition to driverless trucks in order to avoid potential social disruption

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