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Mankind has flourished because we evolved to be the most superior species on the planet. Our cognitive superiority enabled us to utilize various resources of the planet to our advantage. Our mantra had always been “the struggle for existence and survival of the fittest.” Whatever unfavorable natural conditions we face in life, humans should do their best to overcome them and emerge victorious for the continuation of the human race.

And even though we are living in a modern world, we still essentially struggle to live and keep our act together. Aside from global competition, there are disasters that threaten our very existence. And as such, you should take the concept of disaster preparedness seriously. When preparing for disasters, you need certain gadgets to help ensure your survival.

Also on Thursday, thousands of Utahns across the state participated in the Great Utah ShakeOut, a yearly drill to prepare residents in case a major earthquake hits.

Showcasing Utah’s desire to be prepared is Preppercon. Along with booths of various objects — guns and ammunition, knives solar energy products, food storage, massive water tanks, tactical gear and self-reliance books — there are experts like Holladay teaching their tricks of the trade.

Scott Stallings, the chief executive officers and co-founder of the event, said there has been a steady growth of interest. This year, nearly 200 vendors set up booths — about 60 more than two years ago.

He said the origins come from the fact that needs in emergencies are simple but often overlooked. The event includes 80 classes taught by experts in all sorts of fields from food storage to emergency first aid. The goal is to keep people everywhere prepared for any disaster scenario that may arise.


Everyone should be aware of what tools can help them with survival when worst comes to worst. Take the time to equip your emergency kit with survival tools to ensure you don’t miss out on any important gadgets that can save your life or make it easier when life is out of the ordinary.

Here are five things that will integrate into regular business attire seamlessly – and will give you military-grade survival tools so that you can be equipped if a crisis hits.

Tactical flashlight: the Cortex Compact

Gritzbaugh’s first piece of advice is a “small, tactical light with multiple battery options – you never know when you’ll end up in a dark street or power outage.”

Tactical pen: the Impromptu

Pens are something people carry with them everyday anyway. But this is a pen that could save your life.  

Stabby pens are a must-have with tactical professionals and should be a must-have for folks who want to survive threats.

Multi-tool: the Dime

The military takes advantages of multi-tools all the time. Rather than carry a whole bunch of unwieldy tool options, service members like that a multi-tool puts all those options in one lightweight, organized device.

Gritzbaugh pulled out of his pocket the Gerber Dime that he carries everywhere. As he explained, it is “a travel friendly multi-tool for every little problem you encounter along the way.”  

Watch with a compass: Suunto Vector

Most folks rely on a phone equipped with GPS and a mapping app to navigate around these days.

Why do you need a watch with a compass? Because phones die and signals get lost.  Batteries can drain very quickly in a crisis. A watch with a compass is always a good idea when you are trying to get away from bad stuff and find your way home.

Grab and go bag: Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack

There is no shortage of great tactical professional bug out or covert-carry bags these days. But a business professional does not necessarily need all those bells and whistles – nor the hefty price tag that often goes along with it.

Gritzbaugh explained he carries the Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack. It fits in seamlessly to a work environment but also is fit for purpose to carry bare necessities in a crisis.


As much as possible, stay away from buying or stocking on survival gears that are dependent on batteries or electricity in order to work. Remember that you can improvise and do a lot of things in the face of disaster if you have the right tools with you. Having essential survival tools like knives can help you build shelter, chop wood for fire and heat and even for protection. Make sure you have one on your list.

Fire is also an important element to help you cook food or stay warm and comfy during cold nights. While the primitive fire-making technique of rubbing two stones together in making fire is effective if you know how to do it right, it will be difficult to do so if everywhere around you is damp or wet. Having some handy matches or lighter and extra lighter fluid are truly lifesavers.

And let us not forget hydration tools. We can live without food for days but only hours without water. Having water bags and bottles for water collection and water filters or water filtration tablets can save you from a bad case of diarrhea and ensure you stay well-hydrated all the time. There are many more survival gadgets any survivalist will ever need, so do your research and gradually build your emergency kit because you can never tell when you’ll ever need it.

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