Why Volcanoes Erupt?

The earth is full of wonders, both good and bad and natural and man-made, we can never fully comprehend. The beauty of nature is unparalleled while its wrath is a force to be reckoned with. In our lifetime, we will face countless disasters that we can barely remember them all. However, a few will stand out in our memories. A fine example is a volcanic eruption. If you live in an area where there is an active volcano nearby, you can relate to the stress and challenges posed by an erupting volcano.

The build-up of pressure and density underneath causes the volcano to erupt. It is earth’s way of cooling off by releasing too much internal heat and pressure. These eruptions can trigger earthquakes, mudslides, rock falls and even flash floods. It also poses health risks due to the excessive cloud of ash and dust that fills the air. People living nearby should evacuate and move somewhere farther and safer until the threat dissipates.

With the help of modern technology, man can now predict future volcanic eruptions and help them prepare and save countless lives in the process.

What will the satellites see?

When magma rises up from inside the Earth, it causes the ground above it to swell.

While you

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Brexit And The Environment

Europe has been riddled with issues of Brexit since news broke out that the United Kingdom intends to leave the European Union for good. Everyone was asking what will happen next and just how much impact the Brexit will have, not only to Europe but to the rest of the world. It’s the ubiquity of the English language that may have caused this, and it’s about to go forward. Brexit is actually a two-year process before the UK finally leaves the European Union for good in March 2019.

The whole world is watching, along with many of Europe’s small companies, not just because we were all caught off guard by UK’s decision but more so because we are curious as to its effect on a variety of issues, most especially on problems affecting the environment. Climate change is a hot topic for quite some time now because most of us have realized that it is no longer just a threat but an existing problem with destructive consequences if we don’t act on it timely and wisely.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, President Donald Trump is ignoring the issue of climate change and pushes for budget cuts that can impede any progress made when it comes to protecting …

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How To Prepare For A Disaster

Disasters are a part of life. Whether natural or manmade, we can’t stop them from happening. There are specific disasters affecting various parts of the globe. And since you can’t prevent disasters, it makes perfect sense to prepare for it ahead of time. These measures will ensure you and your family stay safe and alive while others struggle to survive. Simple measures like preparing a disaster preparedness kit and an emergency bag or ration can make a big difference when supplies are scarce and people and chaos have enveloped the land.

The first thing you need to know are the types of disasters affecting your region and how you should prepare for it. Most of the time, your disaster preparedness kit contains the same thing. It should have emergency medical supplies, survival tools, and food and water for a specific period of time. There are even those who take extreme measures and call themselves as doomsday preppers. They take disaster preparedness to extreme levels and ensure they stay self-sufficient in the face of a post-apocalyptic world.

But let us not go into that. What you need to know are the basics and often times just having a basic disaster preparedness kit is enough to keep you and your family taken cared …

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Earthquakes Are Not New To Asia

Natural calamities strike just about every part of the globe. Since time immemorial, the world has seen its fair share of disasters from time to time. However, there are certain places in the world that are more prone to these disasters than other places, and experience financial difficulties because of it. While blizzards are only experienced in places with snow and hurricanes are more common in tropical areas, earthquakes are also common in certain parts of the globe. Known as the “ring of fire” or the circum-Pacific belt, this is a region in Asia that is hit by 90% of the earthquakes happening around the world.

An earthquake is a destructive earth movement whose magnitude is ranked on a scale of one to ten. When the epicenter is in the ocean, an earthquake can generate massive tsunamis that can kill hundreds to thousands of people over a short period of time. The reason that South East Asia experiences earthquakes more often than the rest of the world is because of tectonic plates making up the ring of fire. The two main plates are the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Plate that often rubs each other resulting to powerful quakes. Meanwhile, the North America Plate and the Pacific Plate makes up …

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The Planet Is Slowly Dying

The world is over four billion years old and has been habitable by life forms for over six million years. Otherwise known as the globe, the planet has been our home for over 200,000 years. It has provided our species with all the resources we need to survive and flourish. Life hasn’t always been easy on the planet especially while our ancient ancestors lived in the wild but as evolution harnessed our cognitive ability, we emerged as the superior species and it enable us to develop the world into what it is today.

Unfortunately, all these advancements have taken its toll on the planet. Over the centuries, big and small changes have taken place on the planet. The continents have shifted into the modern world that is now our home. Pre-historic animals vanished and modern life took their place. There have been other changes but they happened gradually. However, as the world endures all the abuse and misuse of its resources, major changes are rapidly taking place, much faster than what the world has witnessed over the years. Polar caps are melting and are causing the sea level to rise. The ozone layer is slowly depleting, trapping in more heat that results to global warming. We are responsible for eating …

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Africa: A Nation Of War, Famine And Disease

As kids, we’ve been told time and again that life in Africa is hard. Our elders will often tell us to finish our food because people are starving in Africa but our immature self will reply, “Why? Will the people in Africa no longer suffer from hunger if we eat all our food?” Such an immature logic our younger self has back then. What our elders wanted to emphasize was for us to be thankful for our blessings because many others have none.

Africa fits the picture to a T. This vast continent is comprised of various nations plagued by poverty, hunger, suffering, and political unrest. Aside from that, many of today’s deadliest diseases had their humble beginnings here. To name a few, there are HIV/AIDS and Ebola. They’re both deadly diseases that have yet no known cures. But today, the picture remains the same. Africa is still ravaged by famine and wars.

Have you heard about the famine in the horn of Africa region? Currently, famine has been declared in several African nations and the situation continues to worsen despite government and humanitarian efforts. Despite our modern world and conveniences, millions still suffer and die from thirst and hunger because they lack the resources to improve their lives and …

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The Future Looks Bleak For The US EPA

The environment is self-sustaining on its own. After all, everything in the natural environment has survived for millions of years without man’s help. If you think of it, man’s greatest contribution to this planet involves its ultimate destruction. We are so good at destroying things. We even manage to wipe out one species to the next because of poaching and illegal hunting. But now, the environment needs our help because of the irreparable damage we have caused Mother Nature.

However, for any conservation effort to truly work, it needs sufficient funding that no private organization can actually provide, only the government. And besides, it is also the state’s responsibility to enforce conservation measures to salvage what is left of the environment. However, things are going from bad to worse for the US when it comes to promoting environment-friendly programs considering the many budget cuts the Trump admin imposes soon after assuming the presidency. President Trump focuses on defense and national security aside from his personal vendetta of wiping the nation of illegal immigrants. What’s not a part of his agenda are the arts along with the youth’s education and the environment among others.

“Catastrophic”, “very dangerous”, “every bit as bad” as expected and just plain “weird”.

The reactions to the effect

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Recovery In The Aftermath Of Flood

Most days we live in the comfort of our own homes without a care in the world. Then, disaster strikes. All semblance of normalcy is lost and you struggle to keep your bearing as your perfect world is shattered into pieces. Floods can do that to you. We often take water for granted and forget just how powerful it is on a large scale as torrential flooding continues to ravage cities and countries year after year. The damage also depends as to how severe the flooding is. There are floods that can submerge homes under water for days and weeks and there are those that subside quickly.

The important thing about disasters is our ability to bounce back from it and pick up the broken pieces of our lives. No matter how prepared you are, not everything always goes as planned and how well you or the others recover also rely heavily on the support you get from the government.

Water levels are beginning to recede, but the biggest challenges of flood recovery are still ahead, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale warned today.

Describing the flooding as a “large-scale disaster,” Goodale said the emergency response is still in the early days.

“Recovery will not be quick or easy,” he

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Overcoming The Challenges Of The African Famine

Poverty is evident all over the world. There are homeless people roaming the streets even in progressive countries, what more in struggling third-world nations that are often riddled with problems of inequality, corruption, lack of opportunities and political unrest. Unfortunately, there are many countries now in the world that fits the description. If you haven’t heard it in the news yet, famine continues to ravages several African nations.

Widespread poverty is one of the triggers of famine. Famine is often unheard of in civilized countries because the government can always intervene and prevent it from happening. However, many people die of hunger from various African places you haven’t heard of. Aside from the issue of war, climate change likewise has a big role as to why famines happen and persist in the first place.

“Where people exceed food supply, widespread hunger and famine results and many may die as we have repeatedly experienced in many countries, particularly in the Horn of Africa. The complexity of the hunger debacle in Africa also incriminates many factors apparently unrelated though intricately intertwined. Population control and management are needful. There are just some levels or limits to which new houses, schools, stadia, roads, railways, airports, markets, recreation grounds can be established.
“Each country has

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