Putting The Focus On Childcare

The population is growing. It is common knowledge wherever in the world you may be. Most growing families live in the city where opportunities for work are plenty but the problem with childcare is real. Back in the days, families live with each other even after the children marry and have children of their own. So, the grandparents get to take care of their grandkids until they grow up as their parents hustle for a living. But families live apart today as everyone tries to chase after opportunities in different parts of the country, hence, the problem with childcare.

Getting childcare support is crucial for parents to be able to focus on work and no longer have to worry about their kids constantly. But we all know that childcare is expensive. While the trend is for both partners to work to support the family, one has to sacrifice at times to look after the kids because of the rising cost of childcare services in the country. But if couples don’t want to be bothered by mundane issues like childcare, then they should look into a contraceptive or family planning method that works for them.

Quality child care is helpful to children and their parents, and though it’s expensive in the short term, it’s cost effective in the long term. And we spend half as much of our Gross National Product on it as the average industrialized country.

All this information is in a New York Times article. The surprise is, it’s in the business section, not a section about child rearing or education. But it’s not out of place among articles about finances and the economy, because, even disregarding its value as a societal good, quality child care makes good economic sense.


[R]ecent studies show that of any policy aimed to help struggling families, aid for high-quality care has the biggest economic payoff for parents and their children — and even their grandchildren. It has the biggest positive effect on women’s employment and pay. It’s especially helpful for low-income families, because it can propel generations of children toward increased earnings, better jobs, improved health, more education and decreased criminal activity as adults.

(Via: https://www.tucsonweekly.com/TheRange/archives/2017/04/24/good-available-child-care-benefits-society)

Children who grew up supervised by their parents or guardians grew up to be more confident individuals who don’t easily back down from life’s challenges. While that isn’t always possible now, children get the pseudo-parent guidance and support they need from childcare workers who are paid to do just that.

Financial experts will tell you that the first thing you should you pay each month is your mortgage. Late or missing mortgage payments damage your credit, and if you miss enough of them, you risk losing the roof over your head.

If you’re a parent of young children, the second thing you make sure you pay each month (or each week, more likely) is child care. While missing child care payments may not damage your credit, no one is going to watch your kids for free, which means you can’t go to work and earn the paycheck that pays the rent.

Once you lose affordable, reliable child care, you feel that loss in all areas of your life. Without child care, you can’t go to school (be it to get your GED or a master’s degree), you can’t go to work (though if you’re lucky you can work from home while juggling the kids), and if you’re in a two-income household, you may have to sacrifice one income so that someone can stay home with the children.

(Via: http://www.mnn.com/family/family-activities/stories/affordable-child-care-study-good-for-all)

Parents now have no choice but to spend a lot on childcare just so they can have some flexibility in their daily schedule. They won’t be able to go to work or pursue other life obligations if no one will look after the kids while they are away. If only the grandparents live nearby then their burden won’t be as much but that’s not the trend these days. The elderly often end up living alone and then sent to nursing or retirement homes when they can no longer manage to live independently.

Our modern world relies heavily on childcare services, so that adults can do their thing. The government should look into more affordable and convenient ways to address this issue for the benefit of all. Parents lose a lot if they can’t go to work or finish school because no one will look after the kids, so it would really help if the government will step in and offer solutions to this pressing issue.

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