Africa: A Nation Of War, Famine And Disease

As kids, we’ve been told time and again that life in Africa is hard. Our elders will often tell us to finish our food because people are starving in Africa but our immature self will reply, “Why? Will the people in Africa no longer suffer from hunger if we eat all our food?” Such an immature logic our younger self has back then. What our elders wanted to emphasize was for us to be thankful for our blessings because many others have none.

Africa fits the picture to a T. This vast continent is comprised of various nations plagued by poverty, hunger, suffering, and political unrest. Aside from that, many of today’s deadliest diseases had their humble beginnings here. To name a few, there are HIV/AIDS and Ebola. They’re both deadly diseases that have yet no known cures. But today, the picture remains the same. Africa is still ravaged by famine and wars.

Have you heard about the famine in the horn of Africa region? Currently, famine has been declared in several African nations and the situation continues to worsen despite government and humanitarian efforts. Despite our modern world and conveniences, millions still suffer and die from thirst and hunger because they lack the resources to improve their lives and …

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Overcoming The Challenges Of The African Famine

Poverty is evident all over the world. There are homeless people roaming the streets even in progressive countries, what more in struggling third-world nations that are often riddled with problems of inequality, corruption, lack of opportunities and political unrest. Unfortunately, there are many countries now in the world that fits the description. If you haven’t heard it in the news yet, famine continues to ravages several African nations.

Widespread poverty is one of the triggers of famine. Famine is often unheard of in civilized countries because the government can always intervene and prevent it from happening. However, many people die of hunger from various African places you haven’t heard of. Aside from the issue of war, climate change likewise has a big role as to why famines happen and persist in the first place.

“Where people exceed food supply, widespread hunger and famine results and many may die as we have repeatedly experienced in many countries, particularly in the Horn of Africa. The complexity of the hunger debacle in Africa also incriminates many factors apparently unrelated though intricately intertwined. Population control and management are needful. There are just some levels or limits to which new houses, schools, stadia, roads, railways, airports, markets, recreation grounds can be established.
“Each country has

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Famine Ravages Africa

Many countries all over the world suffer from one sort of calamity to the other. Most Asian nations have to endure strong hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes as a part of their lives while many African nations suffer from extreme drought. The land is devoid of water and humans, animals and crops suffer. Seeing an animal’s dead carcass somewhere out there in the African savannah is no longer an unusual sight. And it’s not just a simple crisis bit has escalated to a famine status.

Famines are serious issues any nation may ever face. It means that outside intervention is too late and things are not just bad but worst. The situation now in East Africa is so depressing with threats of 30 million people facing starvation due to political unrest and severe droughts ravaging the region. The South Sudan famine was declared in February 2017, telling the world that over 100,000 people are dying of thirst and hunger. Other affected nations include north-eastern Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, Kenya and even Ethiopia. Add to that the burden of additional refugees that need to be fed makes life in these countries more than just unbearable.

The United Nations has rigorous and rarely met criteria for declaring a famine: 1 in 5 households in an

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