Asian Monsoons Are Becoming More Intense

Asia is the biggest continent on the planet and is home to numerous nations that are geographically, culturally, linguistically and physically diverse. This continent also witnesses plenty of catastrophes, both natural and manmade, year in and year out. Monsoons are especially common in the South of Asia where countries are made of island nations. Storms form all year round in the Pacific and they have been a part of the lives of most Asians while droughts can be seasonal challenges too.

Monsoons are actually seasonal wind reversals along with precipitation changes in various parts of the world. However, it commonly refers to seasonal changes in the atmosphere that are closely linked to the warming of the land and of the sea nowadays or even seasonal changing patterns during the rainy season. The Asian monsoon is divided into several subsystems depending on location. If the US has tornadoes, Asia has storms brought about by these monsoons.

South Asian Climate Outlook Forum (SASCOF) has forecast a normal monsoon for South Asia including India. It indicates neutral ENSO conditions are likely to continue through middle of the monsoon season, while weak El NiƱo conditions are likely to develop in the second half of this year.

“The outlook suggests that during the 2017 southwest

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