Photography High Up In The Skies

Taking still shots of moments capture a moment in time and preserve it in paper for a long time. Photographs allow us to look back on the past with feelings of nostalgia and longing. But photography has changed a lot over the years. For starters, you don’t need negatives anymore ever since the rise of digital photography. Better yet, smartphones allowed us to take photos anytime we want and we can even edit it now using Photoshop or various filters from apps. It’s the reason why the word “selfie” was coined because people became more in touch with their narcissistic nature because of smart technology.

The camera features of smartphones have significantly improved over the years. DSLR and GoPro cameras improved professional photography. Now, drone photography has taken the world of photography to the next level. Aerial photography gave everyone a new perspective on taking photos from the sky. Photographers can now capture a different view we never had access to in the past. Landscape shots become more alive and its natural beauty highlighted as we can see more of the place that regular photography can’t offer.

More news outlets are recognizing that drones are a relatively inexpensive way to capture aerial photography and videography, especially compared to previous methods

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