The Phenomenon That Is El Niño

The world is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you get with each passing day. Sounds familiar, right? It is an edited version of a famous line from an equally famous all-time favorite movie. Depending on what part of the world you are in, there are attractions and phenomenon exclusive to that place only. It is the same with weather disturbances. Other nations deal with frequent hurricanes or tornadoes while others have to live with constant movement in the ground a.k.a. earthquake.

It is time to know more about a weather phenomenon that isn’t as talked about as the others but just as savage – El niño. It has its counterpart, La Niña. They both make up the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle, the scientific term for temperature fluctuations between the atmosphere and the ocean in the east-central Equatorial Pacific that happens every few years or so. La Niña is known as the cold phase while El Niño is the warm phase. The latter is characterized by warm Pacific waters usually in the month of December and may likewise affect wind shear, which is the blowing of air currents from a lower altitude in a different direction than that of higher winds in the atmosphere.

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Education Is The Key To Saving The Environment

We often complain about a lot of things because we don’t know any better. When it comes to environmental conservation, every effort counts. So, doing nothing while complaining all the time is not exactly a fine trait you can be proud of. The planet is deteriorating right before our very eyes. Global warming makes the world more difficult to live in for most of us. However, is it really nature’s fault or is it because of us that the world is rapidly warming? It is likely us, right?

The best way we can counteract climate change is to educate the people about it and learn what measures can be done to prevent it from progressing. We can’t stop climate change from happening because it already is a phenomenon we experience today. However, by making some lifestyle changes that help protect the world, we may be able to delay its full wrath for longer.

Kentucky’s two senators, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell, are both “skeptical” that human behavior has caused climate change. But since 2011, when, following years of planning and collaboration by scientists and educators, the state approved its Environmental Literacy Plan, students there are taught the reverse. High schoolers, in chemistry class, learn how methane emissions alter the makeup of

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