American Education Is Deteriorating

Education is the greatest gift a person can have. It is something that will last them a lifetime and can never be taken away from them (quite literally). Parents themselves sacrifice a great deal in order to give their children a good education. However, many are starting to notice how the quality of education the American youth gets, continue to deteriorate alongside the continued advancements in modern technology. Not only that, the education department is losing important federal budget funding from the current administration. It’s a big blow to both the educators and the students considering how expensive getting an education in the US has become.

Teachers aren’t also getting paid what they are supposed to earn, which in turn affects their performance and level of dedication to work. How can American students get a quality education if the teachers themselves feel burdened at work and their efforts underappreciated? We can’t afford to let this trend continue especially how globally interconnected the world is now. It is even possible that we lose to people from other nations when applying for the same job especially when it is a multinational company that hires globally.

Education pays.

According to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), adults with

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