The Future Looks Bleak For The US EPA

The environment is self-sustaining on its own. After all, everything in the natural environment has survived for millions of years without man’s help. If you think of it, man’s greatest contribution to this planet involves its ultimate destruction. We are so good at destroying things. We even manage to wipe out one species to the next because of poaching and illegal hunting. But now, the environment needs our help because of the irreparable damage we have caused Mother Nature.

However, for any conservation effort to truly work, it needs sufficient funding that no private organization can actually provide, only the government. And besides, it is also the state’s responsibility to enforce conservation measures to salvage what is left of the environment. However, things are going from bad to worse for the US when it comes to promoting environment-friendly programs considering the many budget cuts the Trump admin imposes soon after assuming the presidency. President Trump focuses on defense and national security aside from his personal vendetta of wiping the nation of illegal immigrants. What’s not a part of his agenda are the arts along with the youth’s education and the environment among others.

“Catastrophic”, “very dangerous”, “every bit as bad” as expected and just plain “weird”.

The reactions to the effect

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