The Latest Survival Gadget For You

When you look at the current market today, you can see all sorts of stuff being sold. At times, it will make you wonder whether such items really have a useful thing in people’s life or are they just a big waste of money in our modern capitalist world. From common household necessities, food and utilities, and so much more, one of the things you should have in your growing arsenal is a survival gadget that can help you basically survive when worst comes to worst. Although such cases are rare, we can’t help but be influenced by all the zombie-apocalypse movies we are seeing both on the small and big screens.

It is time to find out what are the latest survival gadgets you can find and which of them are worth your money and time. From the basic Swiss army knife to other cool outdoor gadgets you can bring on your next adventure, check out what is the best thing to bring with you to ensure you stay safe all the time aside from having a tool you can use for virtually any job without breaking the bank.

If there’s one thing Boy Scouts are known for, it’s being prepared. But what about when they grow into men? Though the Swiss Army Knife remains the classic pocket-sized survival tool for hiking and camping, if you were trying to survive say, a zombie apocalypse, you’d want something that can do more than cut string and open beer bottles (unless your plan for armageddon is to get wasted, which is totally understandable).

But if you’re looking for a more practical piece of survival gear, consider the Wazoo Cache utility belt. It has space for two dozen survival tools with room for more, and it still performs the basic function of holding up your pants.

Funded through Kickstarter, the relatively-cheap Minimalist model features a fold-over 28-inch pocket with hook-and-loop enclosure, bottle opener, bead chain, and gear loops. Being the base model, it also leaves plenty of room for other gadgets, first aid or otherwise.


While we now consider our smartphones as our lifeline because of the numerous apps that do so much for us, but of course, you can’t really rely on your expensive and flashy gadget to save you from the rain or insects or help you do some minor handyman job when the need arises when you are out in wild.

Survival is so hot right now. That means there are lots and lots of charlatans hawking crappy gear that won’t get the job done in an emergency.

“Everything you need, nothing you don’t,” reads the official blurb. With the Seventy2, Uncharted has packaged 30 items of survival gear into a high-quality, waterproof roll-top backpack—a single, easy-to-carry kit that handles everything you need (shelter, water, fire, and food) in an emergency. The name references the time, in hours, that the Federal Emergency Management Agency says all citizens should be equipped to care for their own needs following a natural disaster. 

“Packing an emergency preparedness kit helps ensure the safety and comfort of you and your family members at a time when basic public services may be disrupted,” states FEMA Regional Administrator Phil May. The agency has prepared a list of supplies citizens should keep on hand for such an eventuality. The Seventy2 ticks most of those boxes, making it a general survival kit that should get the job done whether you live in an urban or rural area.  

The Seventy2 includes basic gear like a first-aid kit, tube tent, knife, multi-tool, and water filter. You’ll likely be familiar with most of this stuff already.

What really sets the Seventy2 apart is the bag the tools are packaged in—and the way they’re organized. Made from 60-denier tarpaulin, the 30-liter roll-top pack is completely waterproof and should remain so through plenty of abrasion and manhandling. That doesn’t just mean it’ll keep all the gear inside dry: it also turns it into something of a multi-tool. Need to haul a bunch of water? Empty the pack and dunk it in a lake. Need to get in that lake? The pack doubles as a flotation device. 


While this kit may not be on the cheaper end, it definitely has a lot of cool tricks up its sleeve. It has virtually everything everyone will ever need and it is set up in an organized way. And best of all, they all fit a backpack you can easily carry on your back wherever you may be, perfect for an outdoor trip or a real-life disaster scenario. Moreover, it is waterproof, so rest assured all your things are safe even when it is raining cats and dogs outside. Or if you suddenly find yourself struggling to stay above the water, you can even use this bag as a floatation device. So, in the end, you get your money’s worth after all. It is an excellent investment for every family to have and bring with them wherever they go because after all, you can never tell when will disaster strike so better be safe than sorry.

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